SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE OF WEALTH  An atom of wealth is created every time a voluntary exchange of goods and/or non-financial services is completed. The completion of the exchange produces wealth because each participant in the exchange is more satisfied after the exchange's completion than they were before it was completed. In other words an atom of wealth is a social creation that results from, the equal expenditure, of both parties, towards it's creation. Thus t he creation of atoms of wealth can be seen as exercises which are  spiritually healthy because in the creation of each one both parties have to expend the same amount of effort to get an end result which benefits them both in equal measure. If money is one of the items involved in the exchange then there are two issues that now have a bearing on the exchange. One, because money belongs to the category of universally exchangeable items, the exchange, although anyway part of the economy, becomes, through the money, an


Trust is a firm belief, that an individual has, in the reliability, truth or ability of someone or something other than themselves. Trust between members of a community is the glue that binds them into a successfully functioning whole and trusting money is a very important part of that glue. What is money and how can we trust it. A DEFINITION OF MONEY Money is the visible, socially approved, by at least three individuals, of their individual concepts of value when the concepts are - quantified - equal and - attached to two different exchangeable items. What is value? A DEFINITION VALUE Value is the quantified ranking of the desirability, in the present moment, of something when it is compared to the desirability of every thing else. From the above definition we can see that value accorded to something by an individual can be variable over time. A snapshot, in time, of value, is given however when a voluntary exchange, between two individuals, of g